Are German Shepherds good with kids?

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A common question asked about German Shepherds is regarding their temperament; are German Shepherds good with kids?

Due to their size, many people assume that it’s not safe to have their children around a German Shepherds the majority of the time. They do grow to be pretty big dogs, so many people opt for smaller toy dogs and terriers in assumption that this would be a safer option for their children.

We have to say, that these people are wrong.

German Shepherds were originally bred to be extremely obedient, and this is in their nature. German Shepherds as a rule are one of the most obedient dogs on the planet. They thrive on the ability to love and protect the members of their family; their master and most certainly young children, whom they feel a great deal of protective nature over.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule due to the way certain Shepherds are treated throughout their upbringing. As one of the more popular dogs throughout Europe, unfortunately this means that there are a good number of Shepherds that don’t get the love and nurturing that is necessary for their wellbeing. Though if you’ve had your German Shepherd from birth, the likelihood is that they would never do anything to bring harm to you or your little ones.

Here’s three tips to ensure your German Shepherd is nurtured correctly;

Establish dominance

A German Shepherd is looking to be part of your ‘pack’, and wants you to lead the pack in a firm way. The animal instinct of the German Shepherd needs you to maintain dominance and spend time training them how to behave. No, please don’t take this as being overly firm with your Shepherd as it’s entirely unnecessary for you to physically touch your German Shepherd to establish dominance.

Make them a family member as a puppy

Although not entirely necessary, it is far easier to integrate a German Shepherd into your family as a puppy. Through this, they will learn to be around your children and grow an attachment to them.

Walk them.. Often!

The majority of¬†dogs will need walking, but a German Shepherd is one of the most active dogs that you’ll find. Keep them properly exercised and you’ll help release and tension or frustration that they have, creating a happier dog.

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