Are Islam and Muslim the Same?

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Islam believes that Muhammad and Jesus are prophets of the Lord who are tasked with the responsibility of bringing the word of God to everyone. Muslims on the other hand, follow the religion of Islam.

Now, Islam, as well as the Muslims, follow the Prophet Mohammed’s religion and the Qur’an. There’re so many faithful followers who have now settled across the entire world, however, a lot of the non-Muslims do not have a clear understanding of what the religion is all about. Now, first of all, they have a completely different language, however, beyond linguistic difference, there are some few differences between Muslim and Islam.


Islam simply implies submission. It originated from a word that means peace. It is the second-largest religion as well as one of the world’s fastest-growing religions. It’s only succeeded by Christianity. The religion of Islam is a monotheistic as well as the Abrahamic religion which is guided by the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an consists of the word of God and also the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, who was the last Prophet. A follower of Islam is said to be a Muslim. A lot of Muslims do believe that their main purpose is to serve and worship God, for which they’ve established the five (5) pillars of Islam which guide a Muslim on nearly every part of life and society in general.

Muslims are the follower of the religion of Islam. Normally, Muslim is used in conversation to differentiate a person. Muslims also believe in incomparable God; through a chain of Prophets which start with Adam and also include Moses, Aaron, David, Job, Jesus and a lot more; peace is upon them, and so on. There’s a very simple method that somebody can be a Muslim. One only has to say �there’s no god aside from God, and Muhammad is God’s Messenger, by this kind of declaration such believer announces his/her faith in all the messengers of God.

Muslims are divided into two main sects: The Sunnis as well as the Shias. These sects have a lot of similarities and they both consider themselves to be Muslims, who are following the will of God. But, there is variation from each other in some parts. Both of them agree on the basics of Islam and also share the same Holy Book. But, based on experts this division stems from some of their different political, historical experiences and social developments, and ethnic composition too.

In our modern times, it has really been noticed that the entire Muslim histories are known or identified as the histories of Islam’. Koran, or Q’uran, is the holy book of Muslims and Islam. It has the religious laws and texts of Islam and is said to be the compilation of the verbatim words of Allah which was dictated to Muhammad. Currently, Islam has long been criticized for some of its strict traditional believes as well as its treatment of women. Though this has been transforming to some aspect because of modernization, there’re certain sects who force their members to follow the traditional rules and law.

In summary, you can use the terms, Muslim and Islam wisely to prevent standardization of the whole thing. Islam describes the religion and Muslim mainly describe the followers of the religion.

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