Christianity versus Jehovahs Witness – The Differences

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There are many different denominations of Christians. Among the most divergent are the Jehovah’s witnesses. This denomination has several things that differentiate them from Protestant Christians and other Christians. The group first came into existence in the 1870’s in the united states. While there are several key factors that distinguish this denomination, their varied views about the Trinity are what sets them apart from other Christians. In order to understand Jehovah’s witnesses, we must look at the key issues that set them apart from other Christians. Here is a quick comparison of Christianity versus Jehovah Witness.

Beliefs about Christ


According to most Christians, Christ is the Messiah and a fundamental part of the holy trinity. Christ is god and should be worshiped just like the heavenly father. For Jehovah witnesses, while Christ is acknowledged as the son of God, he is not given the same status as the father. The prevailing belief is that Christ does not have the same status as God as he was God’s creation. Even though he came from heaven and went back to heaven, he does not equate to god. This is why Jehovah witnesses emphasize that their gospel should be about the nature of Jehovah.

Beliefs about the kingdom of heaven

Most Christians hold the belief that the kingdom of heaven exists for all those who have accepted Christ into their lives. They also believe that Christ came to save all humanity from sin so that they might gain access to this kingdom. For Jehovah witnesses, the kingdom of heaven is a government where Christ now reigns. They believe that all humanity that has ever walked the earth will be given a chance to access this kingdom. If they do not accept the offer, they will remain dead and fail to secure passage to God’s kingdom.

Ministerial work

Jehovah Witnesses believe in a pragmatic way of spreading the gospel of Jehovah. They do this by engaging in a home to home ministry that seeks to appeal directly to the masses. This is in sharp contrast to other Christians who only carry out ministry in the church. Jehovah witnesses believe that going from door to door is a better way of spreading the gospel. This belief comes from the practices of early Christians who relied on the same methods to spread God’s word. Jehovah witnesses do not expect to get any reward from God by engaging in the ministerial work, instead, they believe that it is an honor to serve Jehovah.

Other beliefs and practices

Finally, Jehovah Witnesses do not observe Easter nor Christmas. they also support some medical practices like receiving blood transfusions. as opposed to other Christians, they do not worship in the church but rather in the kingdom hall. this difference also means that institutionally, they do not believe in the church as a place of worship. there are many other subtle differences that differentiate Jehovah witnesses from Christians. the above points, however, provide a highlight of the summary of the most important differences.

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