Do Buddhists have a Bible?

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Many believers (including Buddhists) have the belief that religion is God-given despite the contradictory and divergent doctrines on the basis of the Bible. If religion is God-given then we ought to select the best and leave the rest. The bible states that God is a God of one harmony; therefore, since Buddhism contradicts the Bible, we can’t claim they have a Bible, regardless of whether they have a certain spiritual religious “Holy” book that they follow and have a supreme being. Those are not reasons enough to warrant the Buddhists having a bible.


However, this is not inferencing that Buddhist religion is bad, every religion has its won good side, no wonder each religion has many followers. Buddhism contains some doctrines not in convergence with the Bible that can destroy someone’s spirit. The Buddhism scriptures ought to guide people in their ways of living in this world. Buddhism contains idol worship which contradicts the Bible which discourages idol worship (Romans 1, 1 Corinthians, Acts 19, Isaiah 40 and Psalm 115).

Siddhartha Gautama’s teachings formed the basis of Buddhism. He lived between c.500- c.400). However, the Bible has Jesus who lived in the Bc. Period and he forms the basis of the Bible. Jesus did asceticism, that is, avoiding the basic needs of the body e.g. food), on the other hand, Gautama did the same this is one common practice found in Buddhist scriptures and the Bible.

Jesus in the bible believed in the Holy Spirit as a form of soul-searching while Gautama used meditation as a form of deep soul-searching. Buddhists believe in karma, that is, the present life affects the afterlife. Also, the belief in reincarnation (popularly known as Samsara in Hindu), that is, there are many existing states of a person’s soul. These beliefs are not in accordance with the Bible, therefore making it difficult to associate Buddhism with the Bible.

Buddhism believe in many gods, on the other hand, Bible indicates the belief in only one God (1 Corinthians, Isaiah 44 and Deuteronomy 6). Some Buddhists also believe there is no god at all. The bible is clear on the existence of God scriptures while Buddhists scriptures are a bit unclear on that issue. Buddhism deny the idea of Jesus rising from the dead which is found in the Bible (Corinthians 15).

We can’t say they have a Bible as one of the most enshrined aspects in the Bible, they don’t believe. Buddhists believe that a soul goes through persistent rebirth, where it can move from one body to another; it persists till the ‘Nirvana period’, on the other hand, the Bible claims once one dies, the soul leaves this world and goes to a spiritual world. in the Bible, after death, you await judgment from God, while Buddhists don t believe in the judgment ideology. The bible also consists of the Holy spirit aspect which Buddhism doesn’t incorporate into their beliefs. The religion of the bible included many races while Buddhism is only for Hindus since Gautama was born in Nepal.

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