Do Hindus Drink Milk?

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Hindus consider the cow as a holy and a special animal which should be respected. In fact, Hindus do not kill cows for meat. But they drink milk and use an assortment of milk products such as butter, yogurt and cheese among others. The Hindu religion does not allow the Hindus to kill cows for meat and as a result one cannot easily find beef in a Hindu restaurant. But the Hindu religion allows the Hindus to domesticate cows and use their milk. Even the Hindu vegetarians usually drink milk but do not eat other animal oriented products such as eggs.

The main reason why Hindus do drink milk is that the cow is revered to as a god and mother. In the Puranas the cow is also referred as the earth. Because of this they consider the cow as a provider and as a result their religion does not prohibit usage of milk. The milk is considered as something that is provided by god (cow) for the benefit of the people. So they drink the milk knowing that it has come from the cow for their benefit.

Another reason why Hindus drink milk is that the history of their religion shows that some of the pioneers of Hinduism liked milk products very much. According to the history of Hinduism Lord Krishna who was avatar of Lord Vishu likes butter a lot. This is a primary indicator that the usage of milk and milk product is not wrong even for the people who are very religious. The fact that milk was being used historically gives the Hindus permission to also use the milk products that they prefer.

Hindus also know the nutritional benefits of milk and this further gives them courage to drink milk and use other milk products. Since Hindus have a lot of cows sometimes they are left with few options when it comes to what they can drink. Studies and campaigns have also been done to show the conservative Hindus the nutritional importance of drinking milk. They also get to witness as calves enjoy the milk of their mothers. Because of this the Hindus have known that milk can significantly help in enhancing their health. Mothers especially give milk to their children so that they can go healthier and stronger. This has been the norm for a long time and as people become more enlightened the use of milk has been widely accepted.

Despite the Hindus drinking milk they still consider cows as special and holy animals. Even when they are milking they ensure that they treat the cows in a gentle manner. Most of the Hindus avoid using the milk they get from cows for commercial purposes. This means that they only milk the quantities they will use together with their families. But as time advances there are some people who keep cows for commercial purposes where they sell the milk. Even while keeping the cows for commercial purposes they still ensure that they treat the cows in a special manner for they are sacred. Besides getting the milk from their cows the Hindus can also buy packed milk and other milk products from various stores and shop. Therefore, the answer to the question of –do Hindus drink milk? – Is yes.

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