Do Islams believe in Jesus?

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About fourteen centuries ago, the great Prophet Muhammad proclaimed that the Holy Mother Mary was Devout Virgin; through this Muslims, all around the world have loved, respected and revered Jesus Christ. The Islam has made it a part of Faith and believes in Jesus. In the Muslim, Jesus Christ is viewed as the Pillar of the Muslim Faith.

The birth of Jesus Christ is a compulsory piece of study in the Muslim conviction. Therefore, it is a duty of every Muslim to believe in Jesus Christ. In the Holy Qur’an, it states the miracles of Jesus from His childhood. He made Birds out of Clay and gave life to them through the permission of God. Through the study of Jesus infancy, it is a clear indication that the Muslims do follow and believe in Him as the Holy Qur’an states.

Through God’s permission, Jesus healed lepers, those born with blindness, the sick, and gave life to the dead. The Islam religion believes in all the healing He conducted. The Qur’an further depicts Jesus as Very obedient and submissive to His parents. The Muslims believe in all the virtues that promote peaceful and moral co-existence. Arguably, it is only the Muslims faith which is not Christianity and upholds Christ as the mighty messenger of God with a high reverence.


So Muslims believe that so many good things about Jesus only because Muhammad (peace be upon him) said so, not that Bible thumpers convinced them. Now the Bible thumpers are making serious efforts to convince Muslims that Jesus is God.

They use a wide range of tactics for this purpose from common arguments that Jesus did not have a father so he should be God or that Jesus gave life to the dead that is why he is God. But these arguments have so far failed in front of Muslims, as even Adam did not have parents and even Moses gave life to his dead staff and made it a serpent.

The Bible thumpers even get handy with the Qur’an. They quote verses from the Qur’an and tell Muslims that Jesus is “Kalimatullah, the word of Allah” and “Ruhullah, the Spirit of Allah”. But the Muslims come forward with the argument that even John, the Baptist is referred to as “Kalimatullah, word of God” in the Qur’an. The Qur’an also says that Allah breathed into Adam of his spirit and also breathed of it into the whole mankind.

Efforts are also being made on the Muslim side as well to convince Christians that Jesus was not God, but is a messenger of God. Muslims use common arguments such as how can Jesus be God and also die for your sins when God is Eternal? But Christians make some efforts to prove that death is of two types, spiritual death, and physical death.

While other Christians try to prove how Jesus has a dual nature. Muslims even get handy with the Bible. For instance, this post ” Is Jesus God? ” claims that Jesus Christ did not claim divinity anywhere in the Bible. It also makes an effort to answer the several Biblical verses quoted by Christians to prove the divinity of Jesus Christ.

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