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Alex Rushworth Torquay, Well Known Jewish Leader

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Easter is one of the most known holy days that many Christians all over the world celebrate. It is also commonly known as Pascha in Latin. This is a festival and celebration whereby people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was believed to be the Messiah. Many questions have been raised about Easter, but the most common one has been whether the Jews celebrate Easter. Well, do Jewish people celebrate Easter? We are going to critically look at this question and come up with a defined factual answer about it.

Alex Rushworth Torquay

First of all, we have to realize that the Jews are people who believe in their own rules, norms and regulations. They believe that the laid down and stipulated rules and laws should be followed and adhered to maximally. Having known these facts, we also have to realize that the Jews disputed the messiahship of Jesus Christ and hence did not believe in him. This, therefore, means that the Jews do not celebrate Easter because of the dispute that existed between them and messiahship of Jesus Christ.

As per Jewish conviction, a saviour is a critical personage who is bound to administer all Jews. All through Jewish history, there have been various cases that some individual was the saviour; notwithstanding, standard Jewish view declares that the Messiah has not yet arrived. The extraordinary and printed prove referred to by Christians to help the conviction that Jesus was the saviour is either insignificant, imaginary or a distortion of Jewish convictions, as indicated by Jewish researchers.

In spite of the fact that Jesus’ part as the saviour has been for quite some time debated, it is by and large acknowledged that Jesus was Jewish. The occasions celebrated by Easter happened amid Passover, which is the reason the two occasions frequently correspond in the current age and giving gifts like a.

Similarly, as Christians are getting ready for Easter, Jews are getting ready for The Passover. While Christians comprehend the agony and triumph that is remembered amid Easter, they may not understand that amid The Passover, Jews are likewise recalling enduring and triumph. This Jewish occasion honours the Jewish opportunity from servitude. It is known as The Passover in view of the ignoring of the homes that were set apart with the blood of the sheep. God had requested Moses to request that the Israelites relinquish a sheep and eat it with Matzah (unleavened bread). They were added to stamp their doorposts with the blood of the sheep.


Conclusively, we have finalized that the Jews do not really celebrate Easter. This is because of the controversies and hatred that existed between them and Jesus Christ. They had a different view and different expectations about the messiah and therefore the death of Jesus Christ was not worth a celebration for them. When the Christians celebrate Easter the Jewish people celebrate the Passover at the same time. Since the Jews are people who adhere to their traditions, they still up to now do not celebrate Easter. It is considered as a Christian affair, not a Jewish affair.

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