Do Muslims believe in an afterlife?

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Islam is about the belief of an afterlife; one that is beyond imagination. So, if you ask any Muslim if they believe in an afterlife, you get so many different reasons why an afterlife is inevitable for all people. In fact, some Muslims prepare for death by having a white cloth that gets used as a casket. Also, if a Muslim dies, they get buried in the following 24 hours without fail. Signaling that there is a journey that starts immediately after death.

What happens during death according to Muslims?

If your time comes, the angel assigned to take souls visits your house to oversee the soul removal. And according to the Quran, the soul removal process is a painful one; so painful that you might feel constant pain forever. The angel does not take your soul to a particular place; his duty is to detach the soul from the body. Then the rest depends on how you lived your life.

What about Life in the grave?

Before a Muslim gets buried, they need to get washed in preparation for the long journey ahead; the afterlife can either be relaxed or unbearable. If there is something the Muslims hope exemption from, it is the tormenting that follows you to the grave. There is a specific prayer to ask God to eliminate or reduce the hardships for believers. Also, the believers get visits from angels of mercy, and the non-believers receive punishment.
The life after death is the most extended face of life, according to Muslims. However, the souls leave the grave to roam the earth, maybe to witness the things that happen to their loved ones as well as enemies. They souls live in trees, toilets and other natural landmarks; but, if you see a soul might go crazy or die instantly.

What next?

Muslims seem to have figured out how people die and their life after death through their sacred texts. But also there is another catch; the Day of Judgment. On this day, God shall give an order for the angel to blow the might trumpet. It is so mighty that it will resurrect people from all generations and kill everything that will be alive. Also, the sun shall rise from the west on this fateful day, and all hell shall break loose.
In fact, the Quran mentions the preparing a special place for believers and no mention at all about the development of hell. So, Muslims are tempted to think that one day, hell will be here on earth. God shall judge every soul justly and reward them accordingly

According to Muslim speculation, early man, the first Christians, and Muslims shall have a new world to conquer after judgment day. The land shall have rivers flowing with milk and honey. In this world, people shall not need to use bathrooms, and the women shall remain virgins for eternity. People shall feed on fruits, just like the ones we have here; only healthier.
The world shall not know wars and weaponry; it will get founded on goodwill and robust Muslim governance systems. Therefore all Muslim believe in an afterlife and wish to get to this world called Janna.

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