Does Hinduism believe in a God?

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In order to understand¬†truly¬†how Hinduism believe in god, we must understand the word ‘god’ and it’s definition. First, there is the Supreme God who is divine in nature and then we have deities also known as devas or gods.
So, the answer? Yes. Hindus believe in the supreme God, the one who created the universe. This God is all pervasive.
However, the supreme God created other gods who are advanced and highly spiritual beings to become his helper.
Hindus believe in a true god called Brahman who is supreme in spirit. The Brahman is in many forms and is present in the whole of the universe symbolized by the syllable which is sacred Om.
The god contains almost everything from destruction and creation, female and male, the evil and the good and stillness as well as movements.
Brahman the god has 3 main aspects which are well expressed in trimurti.
They include:
1. Brahma who is the creator of everything.
2. Vishnu who is the preserver.
3. Shiva the one who destroys.
Majority of Hindus have a believe that their god Brahman is present in each and every person as an eternal soul or spirit called atman.
The reason is because, Hindus see mankind’s as divine because they believe their god Brahman is everything.
For this reason, they asserts that each and everyone is divine. Atman is with Brahman and any kind of reality that is behind Brahman is usually considered an illusion.
Reason? the spiritual goal and the belief of a Hindu is to be one with Brahman and cease to exist as an individual self.
Hindus believe that god is never far away, living in heaven or in remote areas but he is inside everyones soul, in the consciousness and in their hearts waiting to be discovered in the right time.
The knowledge of knowing that god is amongst them gives them courage and hope. The goal of the Hinduism spirituality is knowing that god is intimate and is experimenting them in all ways.
So, we cam comfortable answer the question, does Hinduism believe in god and say yes they do.
Actually, the religion of Hinduism neither believe in many gods nor one god. But they believe in God who is the God who is the God Head and the supreme creator.
They believe that everything that is unmoving or moving in the universe is the manifestation of god, the Brahman. Brahman is the divine supreme consciousness.
Therefore, Hindus believe that there is existence of God who is the creator of all creations. In fact, Hinduism believe that its that Supreme Being who manifests Himself in every creation in the universe.
The gods or the devas are monads of God just like we are.

We can conclusively answer the question. Does Hinduism believe in god? Yes, because they see each and every creation of the Supreme Being as God Himself.
So, to simply put it in an Abrahamic terminology, there exists only one God, the Supreme being and anything else is his own manifestation who acts as the helpers.

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