Does Hinduism celebrate Christmas?

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Christmas is the religious celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth; usually a holiday. Most Hindus don’t appreciate Christmas as the day for marking a religious tradition, but a section of Hindus does celebrate Christmas. The Hindus celebrating Christmas treat that day as a peace festivity that is secular. Recently, 20 years ago, the American Hindus were being assimilated into the American culture into celebrating Christmas; Hindus in America had lived and intermarried with Americans, shared their cultures too as they had stayed there for long.

Due to the ever-increasing Hindu population, only a few Hindus recognize Christmas. In America, most Hindus participate in the Christmas parties, festivities and the giving of gifts; this makes the Hindu children not feel excluded in the highly celebrated day in USA. In India, where most Hindus in the world reside, most Hindu families celebrate Christmas which I marked as a national holiday by the Indian government.


Unfortunately, Hindus in India that celebrate Christmas are increasingly under attack from illegal groups. A militia group of India beat Catholic priest and seminarians in Pradesh Madhya state. The police made necessary arrests; a priest was detained and a member of that illegal group arrested.

Do Hindu’s buy each other gifts?

The answer is that it depends on the family. Some hindus will purchase expensive lavish gifts for their family, but this isn’t often. The majority of families will spend small and meaningful.

In accordance with the Indian agency news of Press Trust, there were charges on the priest, of forceful conversion of religion. This accusation was frequently made against Hindu Christians. An extremist Indian group in Uttar state of Pradesh, made warnings to Aligarh city schools against participating in Christmas festivities. However, according to India media, the government directed the police of state to ensure that Christmas holiday went on smoothly without any incidences by urging the various Indian states to increase national security.

Despite backlash fears, non-Indians and Indians celebrated Christmas even in some regions dominated by Hinduism in India. Since then, no other incidents of attack on Indian Christians on celebrating Christmas, have been reported.

In 2014, unlawful groups have targeted Muslims more from the time a Hindu state party rose to take over the government; Indian Christians started having fears on possible attacks due to the effect of polarization, Madhu Chandra reported, India Christian group administrator, a council that fights for marginalized people right and religious freedom.

The ruling party (Modi Narendra’s government) does not speak against the violence against Christians, Muslims and other non-local religions; making activists condoning those incidences saying it ought to stop. Chandra said that government leaders and political heads are not doing enough by just condoning such activities, but ought to implement those actions as the attacks on Hindus celebrating Christmas was becoming mainstream. based on statistics, out of the total 1.3 billion Indians, Christians are a small portion of 6%, Hindus consist of 80% and Muslims consist of the remaining 14%.


For further information, Hindus celebrate Pancha Ganapati religious holiday in December; a 5- day festivity which honours Lord Ganesha. Pancha Ganapati incorporates similar traditions to Christmas ones. The celebration starts on 21st of December which includes gift giving and feasts like Christmas and decoration of their homes.

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