Religion and Same Sex Marriages

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Religion and same sex marriages have been talked about for decades now. If you’d have asked me how religions felt about same sex marriage 50 or 100 years ago, then you’d know that there was a drastic difference in opinion.

The majority of religions – not just religions, but the majority of the world – looked down on same sex marriages 100 years ago. This was not just confined to religions, but in general being in a same sex relationship was not okay, let alone marriage.

As time progressed, people felt more accepting of same sex marriages outside of religion. And it forced the majority of religions to look at themselves and what they were doing.

Now, not all religions are accepting of this, sure. It seems that religions like Sikhism have a more stern approach on whether it’s acceptable to be in a same sex marriage. Whereas religions like Christianity, which are more in the western world, have been forced to accept same sex marriages as they are.

So in 50 years or 100 years, will the whole world be accepting of same sex marriages as they are today? Or is there more to it? Will we look at generally accepted fetishes like bondage and DDLG as acceptable in 100 years too? I am not entirely sure that this will be the case.

I do not know whether same sex will be totally accepted amongst the mainstream in 100 years. I still think that there will always be that group of people who shun anything that they cannot understand. Which I guess, is to be expected when you are dealing with a population of 7 billion.

As the population grows, I only hope that people out there can start to accept us as we truly are. There are not enough people and hate to go around, and I don’t feel that there would be enough people in this world to make a difference if they had to.

Living as a gay man has made my life infinitely more difficult than it ever had to be. Did life really need to be like this? Hopefully people become more accepting.

Yours truly,

A Gay Christian

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