When do German Shepherds stop growing?

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One of the more common questions asked online is when do German Shepherds stop growing? This is mainly from Shepherd owners who have had their dog since a puppy, and now at 6 or 7 months they’re realizing just how big they can grow!

Many people think that the normal age that a German Shepherd will stop growing is at the end of it’s first year. This is pretty standard with most dogs, see the growth chart below;



Courtesy of Total German Shepherd.

Although this is what would be considered regular, we have to say from experience that we don’t believe this to be fully correct. When we got our first German Shepherd, we didn’t really consider her an ‘adult’ until she reached 2 years of age, and even then she was still as playful as she was as a puppy. In terms of growth, there was definitely a significant different between her at 1 year of age and at 2 years of age.

Of course, for any German Shepherd owner the experience will be different, but German Shepherds to tend to grow extremely quickly throughout the end of the first year as the chart above has stated. Don’t be overwhelmed by the growth of your Shepherd between the ages of 6 months and a year; it’s totally normal!

This super cool video documents the size growth of a German Shepherd from 5 weeks all the way through to the end of the second year, which is when the owner really saw her growth stopping. Shepherds will generally grow to around 80lbs in weight, so if you think that this might be an issue for your, there are plenty of other dog breeds out there looking for a home!

My German Shepherd is bigger than this..

Well, don’t worry, this is totally normal. We’ve seen Shepherds as big as 100+lbs and they’ve all been totally well and healthy, so don’t be concerned if your buddy is growing at a higher rate than what you’ve expected!

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