Where did Christianity originate?

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Religion is a way of life that involves belief in a certain extraordinary creature.People who obtain such belief are said to be religious.In the world today,there exists several religions among different groups of people from diverse countries and backgrounds with an estimated number to be four thousand two hundred religions worldwide.The term religion is at times used interchangeably with the word faith,which means a strong belief in something or someone.

Christianity,being the most dominant religion,has most of the followers worldwide.According to theories and the christians,Christianity began way long ago,brought about by a son to a supernatural being called God.According to the holly book,back in times,God created the entire planet earth,putting everything visible into existence including plants and animals.After some time,He saw the need to take care of the creation.

As a result, He molded,from soil,a creature He called Man.As time went by,God saw the need to create a companion for the man.A creature that would later help in procreation.God put man into deep sleep upon which He,from him He removed one of his ribs that He used to create another creature that He named woman.periods went by and as man moved on his daily activities,the companion,woman,met a snake(serpent),a creature that was said to have been chased from heaven by God.It was during this meet up that the serpent tempted and cheated the woman into eating a fruit that their creator had forbidden them from consuming.
This disobedient act by the humans annoyed their creator,leading to their chase away from the garden.Upon this sin,God,the creator was so annoyed by the human act and pronounced punishment and suffering to all humanity.However,He saw it good o bring forth another holy existing being as a way of forgiveness and repentance to all humanity.

God sent a Holly being,his only son by the name Jesus to a mission to the world to bring together the broken relationship through forgiveness of sins.

This was the advent of Christianity.

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